“Summer in the Psalms”


Every summer has a soundtrack. Whether we are talking the Beach Boys in the 60’s, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in the 70’s, Bryan Adams or The Fat Boys in the 80’s, Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff in the 90’s, or even Kenny Chesney and his “Yoohoo bottle in the floorboard” through the 00’s, there is always a playlist that reminds us of a particular place and time. And it’s funny how, even when you hear just a few simple bars of “that song” you are automatically transported back. You remember where you were, you can smell the salt in the air, taste the homemade ice cream, feel the hot sand under your feet, or the warm sun on your shoulders.

Over the next couple of months at Bluff Park Community Church, we would like to focus in on a new summer “playlist” together by setting our collective radio dial to the Psalms.

The title “Psalm” actually comes from the Greek translation of the Hebrew word mizmor which means “song”. This book is a collection of 150 poems expressing a wide variety of emotions ranging from love and adoration towards God, sorrow over sin, dependence on God, the battle of fear and trust, walking with God even when the way seems dark, thankfulness for God’s care, devotion to the word of God, and confidence in the eventual triumph of God’s purposes for the world.

Each Sunday through the summer we plan to cover a different Psalm during our time of gathered worship. One of our goals in doing this is to simply give us new songs to sing so that, as those lyrics and rhythms loop through our hearts and souls this summer, we might be continually reminded of God’s great love and care for us as His people.

Won’t you join us?

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