We Are 9 Months Old!

September is here already. What that means for most of us is that vacations are over, our kids are back in school and college football has begun. (Finally!!) Before you know it we will all be picking out Halloween pumpkins, Thanksgiving turkeys and Christmas hams. That’s just kinda’ nuts. But September marks another hallmark on the calendar. With September’s arrival, this also means that Bluff Park Community Church is officially 9 months old! Here are just a few highlights from our past 9 months together.

9 months

In 9 months we have gone from a single, small group Bible study of 15-20 people to a church made up of 3 different fully functioning “Community Groups”, complete with shepherding elders and leadership.

We celebrated our first Easter together as a church with almost 100 in attendance. We also had our first Easter Egg Hunt and cookout with kids and candy galore. What an awesome time!

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In 9 months we have seen God continue to grow us from an original group of 15 to an official church membership of 70. In August we actually had our first class of 30 people take their membership vows during worship.

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Also during the month of August we installed our first groups of elders as a church. Both Sam Yother and Chad Sentell are now serving alongside our pastor to lead, feed, protect and direct the congregation that God is faithfully knitting together here in Bluff Park. What a huge step!



Our church budget continues to grow! This has allowed us to do several things that we hoped to accomplish in order to support the work that God has begun. First off, we were able to dedicate a portion of these funds for the filming and production of our church’s new intro video. It is such a cool thing to hear multiple voices telling the story of what God is calling together in this place. This video is a tool that we pray God uses to tell His continuing story through the telling of our story here at Bluff Park Community Church.

Also, we have been able to begin supporting two church plants. Trace Donahoo with Culcheth Community Church in Culcheth England and Alton Hardy at Urban Hope Community Church in Fairfield, AL are the first two missionaries supported by Bluff Park Community Church. Our desire is that, even from this early stage, church planting and missions would be imprinted into the DNA of our newly forming church. As our church budget grows in the future, we hope for our giving towards missions and church planting to grow as well.


The Donahoos are church planting in England.

Alton Hardy

The Hardys are church planting in Fairfield, AL.










We have likewise been able to bring our own pastor’s salary closer to a full-time pay scale. While still not where we ultimately want to be, we have been able to implement approximately 70% of our final salary goal for this vital position in the life of our church. This is a huge blessing both to the Tucker family and to our church as a whole at such an early stage.

Throughout the summer months we have had a regular rotation of worship leaders coming in to lead our praise and worship. This has allowed us an opportunity to get to know several qualified leaders. Over the next couple of months, our plan is to officially hire a part-time worship leader to give consistency, vision and leadership to the growth and development of our church’s worship ministry.

God is doing something here!

God is doing something among us here in Bluff Park. It is exciting to see where we have come from and to dream about where God might be taking us. He is good, He is faithful and He is committed to growing His church in His timing. Our prayer is that He will keep us focused on being a family of believers committed to Him, to His Kingdom and to one another, faithfully living out His Gospel MESSAGE in Gospel COMMUNITY while pursuing Gospel MISSION.

If you are looking for a church home, we would love to have you drop in one Sunday evening. There are new folks showing up all the time. Come in and grab a cup of coffee. Get to know a few neighbors. Sit down with a new friend and engage in worship together. The songs may be unfamiliar, the worship time (Sunday @ 5pm) may be new to you. But God’s people, both strangers and neighbors, have been coming together to worship our Uncommon King for thousands of years. We would love to have you join with us in this new expression of the ancient act of worship.

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