A Book Review: Gospel-Centered Discipleship

(Series Introduction)  One question I often get as a pastor relates to books. What should I read on subject A? Do you have a good resource on topic B? What do you think about author C’s new release? And honestly, I love those questions. I do love to read. And I also love helping to direct others towards helpful resources. But with the seemingly bottomless sea of books and resources that are out there, how is a Christian supposed to discern what is helpful and what is a waste of their often limited resources of time and money?

In this series of posts, I will attempt to highlight some of the books that I have recently found to be beneficial in my own Christian walk, along with a book review from one of a handful of sources. One of these book review sources is the website of The Gospel Coalition.

This weeks reviewed book is “Gospel-Centered Discipleship” by Jonathan K. Dodson.

Gospel Centered Discipleship

Click here to read The Gospel Coalition’s review of “Gospel-Centered Discipleship”.

Click here to order “Gospel-Centered Discipleship”.

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