A Church Planting Church

At Bluff Park Community Church, we are a church plant committed to planting other churches in our city, our region and around the globe. We are convinced that more people need more Jesus, and the most effective way to take more Jesus to more people is through the planting of more gospel-centered, discipleship-driven, church-planting churches. We are so convinced of this in fact that even though Bluff Park Community Church is not yet 3 years old, our leadership has elected to direct 10% of our annual budget specifically towards church planting efforts. In 2016 these budgeted funds will total $15,000. That’s kind of crazy to think about!

We have chosen to divide these funds across several targeted areas. One of these areas is our “International” church planting effort. We currently partner with Marshall and Becca Kitron who serve  in Lima, Peru with South America Mission in their efforts to plant City Church. Watch the video below to learn more about Lima and the need for planting churches there and throughout the cities of Latin America.

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