Continuing our “Summer in the Psalms” with a Psalm of Lament

This coming Sunday we continue our “Summer in the Psalms” by looking together at Psalm 3, one of the “Psalms of Lament”. This Psalm was written by David while running from his own son, Absalom, who wanted to kill his father and take his throne. So in fear and pain and confusion, David pours out his heart to God.

One of the things we have lost in our social media, image conscious, prosperity-lite evangelical age is the ability to lament, to verbalize before God and one another that things are not well. We have created a worship culture of “shiny, happy people” where it is not okay to not be okay.

But here is the reality; until Jesus returns, things will never be fully “okay”. And if God’s people do not have the ability to voice this natural pain and confusion before our God, (or worse yet, if we are mis-led into believing that God is uninterested in hearing) then we end up taking that pain elsewhere. We expect human relationships, experiences, substances to fill the void. But these things were never intended to bear the weight of this task. They (and we along with them) will only be crushed.

Psalm 3 reminds us that it is only The LORD who is “a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head”.

So join with us Sunday, 5pm @ 2269 Chapel Road in Hoover as we continue our summer playlist with Psalm 3.


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