Fall Community Groups (2017)

2017 Community Groups


A Community Group is a group of 6 – 20 people coming together on a regular basis to

  • know God
  • know others
  • be known (by God and others)
  • serve together on mission


Most of our Community Groups meet in homes in or around the Bluff Park area of Hoover.


We have multiple groups meeting at various points during the week. Please choose a day of the week and time that works for you, and simply email the leader from the community group for more details about where they meet.


CG’s are not a Bible study – although we do want to be both regular hearers and doers of God’s Word. People with increased head knowledge and unaffected hearts are enemies of God’s Kingdom.
CG’s are not a “Christian Supper Club” – although we will share regular meals together. The meal itself is less important than the community which forms around it.
CG’s are not a support group – although these groups will be characterized by much support as we seek to live out the implications of the gospel with one another.
CG’s are not a “holy huddle” – although we do seek to be a “peculiar people” by exemplifying the counter-cultural Kingdom of the God we serve. A people who isolate themselves from the world have great difficulty sharing the love of Jesus with the world.
CG’s are not “Christian service groups” – although Christians are clearly called to follow Christ who came to serve rather than to be served. Service alone will never impact our city.


The purpose of a Community Group is
“to equip the saints to faithfully follow Jesus in the everyday stuff of life.”


1 – A Gospel-centered focus – Romans 1:16-17
The gospel is “the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.” While not a Bible Study per se, we do want our Community Groups to be consistently interacting with the Word of God and quality
resources which help us understand the Word of God.

• Towards this end, this Fall all of our Community Groups are spending time
together in The Gospel Centered Life by Bob Thune. There are 9 total lessons, so there
should be plenty of time to complete this resource before our December break.

2 – Shared leadership – Mark 6:7
The church is set up to be led by a “plurality of elders”, a group of qualified men who have authority and responsibility to shepherd the flock of God. Community Groups will function in a similar fashion.

  • Shared leadership allows us to share the load / responsibilities of leadership.
  • Shared leadership allows us to benefit from a broader cross section of gifts throughout the body of believers.
  • Shared leadership allows younger leaders room to grow and develop in their gifts.

3 – Relational intimacy – John 13:35
We want to make sure we are leaving time for relationship through times of prayer, times
for play, and times for learning one another’s stories. Relational intimacy takes time. It
did in your marriage, and it does in Christian community as well. No one ever built a
solid marriage based on reading books alone. It took multiple shared meals, deep
conversations, goofy stories, road trips and fun games shared together over time.

  • PRAYER – Praying with and for one another and the neighbors to whom we are called
  • MEALS – Regular meal times where we break bread and share life.
  • STORIES – We want to get to know one another’s stories. We want to get to know the story God is telling through our lives.
  • PLAY – Play It’s okay to have fun. Seriously. So go catch a Barons game, hit up Put-Put or the Go-kart track. These are great opportunities to invite others in as well!

4 – Missional Outreach – Acts 2:42-47
We want to live together as missionaries in the communities where God has placed us. We want to meet needs and love our neighbors well. We want our communities to look and feel different because the love of Jesus is evident in our lives.

Sometimes this will take the shape of actual hands-on service. Cutting grass, painting walls, mentoring under-resourced youth, etc. Sometimes this may look like simply creating space where we can begin to interact with neighbors. Things like street parties, neighborhood movie nights or marshmallow roasts.

We seek to “set the stage” where our neighbors can see, feel and hear the love of God.

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