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Craig Dunham is an educator and author in Oklahoma City. For both Craig and I, our time at Covenant Theological Seminary overlapped, and though we did not get to spend a great deal of time together, (We were both completely overwhelmed trying to pull off the student/husband/daddy/employee thing. Craig tackled all of that much more successfully than I, by the way.) I consider him a friend and a wise man. And I REALLY like the way this guy writes. Craig is also one of the elders at a great Acts 29 church in OKC, City Pres.

Earlier this week I came across an article written by Craig over on his blog Second Drafts (Why “Second Drafts”? Because life is a series of edits.) The article is entitled The Power of Prayer(lessness) and I thought it fit particularly well with our sermon from James 5 this past Sunday at Bluff Park Community Church. You should definitely give it a read.

I appreciate Craig’s honesty and his desperation. I see me there. I recognize the desire to pray. I resonate all too often with the shame associated with my lack of prayer. And yet, the thing I appreciated most in Craig’s words was not any celebration of prayerlessness, but rather in his encouragement to rest in God’s faithfulness to us even in our lack of faith and reliance on Him. And even (especially?) pastors need that encouragement.

Thank you Craig, for the gift of your heart and words.

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