How do I become a Member?

Membership is an important part of being involved in a church. You have the opportunity to make a commitment and a vow that these are your people and that you’re connected in a real and meaningful way.

membership belong

Of course, no one has to be a member of Bluff Park Community Church. You are welcome to come as long as you’d like. We do want you to eventually become members somewhere, and we’ll encourage you to make some church your home in this way. We have great relationships with other local churches in our area. So if Bluff Park Community isn’t quite the best fit for you or your family, we will be glad to suggest another place or two for you to check out.

The only real requirement for membership at Bluff Park Community Church is that you believe in and walk with Jesus. All of our members need to be able to talk about that abiding faith. The rest of our membership deals with what we think is best for you to know about living out that faith in our specific church. This way everybody knows what they’re getting into, what is expected of them and how we tend to “do life” together as “a diverse, local family of disciple-making disciples”.

membership class

A few times each year, we have a “Membership Class” weekend where we come together on a Friday evening, share a meal together, and just get to know one another better. Then on that Saturday, we come together for a couple of hours and talk through more of the “nuts and bolts” of who we are and what we believe Jesus instructs us to be about. Please check our “events” page as well as our church’s Facebook page for upcoming classes.