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At Bluff Park Community Church, we long to glorify God by developing disciples who make disciples, planting churches that plant churches, leading leaders who will then lead other leaders, giving birth to movements of leaders. We long to see men and women serving God by developing and using their gifts across multiple churches and settings throughout our city, our region and our world.

As a 3 year old church plant, we are acutely aware that this longing is exponentially greater than our capability to actually pull it off. Which we believe puts us in a great position of dependence on the One who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.

Announcing “Leadership Lab”

So what is “Leadership Lab”?

“Leadership Lab” is a monthly training time specifically geared towards the identification and training of future leaders in Christ’s church. While not specifically a class for future elders and deacons, participation in “Leadership Lab” does play an important role in the training of future elders and deacons within our church.

Who can participate in “Leadership Lab”?

To participate in “Leadership Lab” one must be

A) an adult member of Bluff Park Community Church who is able to

B) commit to completing all assignments and

C) fully participating with the group (missing no more than 2 meetings)

What will Leadership Lab cover?

Leadership Lab is designed to be a time of instruction and interaction covering the following areas of leadership:

  • Developing a Gospel-Centered Ministry Culture
  • Becoming an “Integrated Leader”
  • A Leader’s Knowledge – Knowing God (Theology); Knowing Self (EQ)
  • A Leader’s Heart – Leading from a whole heart
  • A Leader’s Skills – What does an elder do? What does a deacon do?
  • A Leader’s Strength – Becoming a praying leader
  • A Leader’s Team – Becoming a team player
  • A Leader’s Style – Becoming the leader you were designed to be

Each of these meeting times will include assignments (things to read, to watch, to listen to, and to do) which should be completed during the month prior to our meeting time.

When will “Leadership Lab” meet?

We will gather on the 3rd Monday evening of each month* from 8:00 – 9:30pm

  • MEETING 1: March 20
  • MEETING 2: April 17
  • MEETING 3: May 15
  • MEETING 4: June 19
  • MEETING 5: August 21
  • MEETING 6: September 18
  • MEETING 7: October 16
  • MEETING 8: November 10-11 – *(overnight retreat)
  • MEETING 9: December 11


If you are interested in more information about “Leadership Lab”, please contact

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