Letter From a Grateful Pastor


A letter from our pastor, Jason Tucker:

I don’t know about you guys, but the last several weeks have been a time of great encouragement for me personally. We have seen new visitors continue to show up week after week. I am constantly amazed as I hear stories of how people find us! We have rolled out our new worship team with a rotation of great musicians and vocalists being led by Mike Gelderman. We are learning new songs and fresh expressions of worship. And the talent level is incredible! We kicked off a brand new Community Group made up primarily of new folks who have just shown up in the last couple of months. If everyone who was there this past week keeps coming back, then our newest Community Group will also have the distinction of being our largest!

We also just recently had our first women’s retreat with great teaching and worship (and great organizing and leadership as well!). It has been encouraging to see folks getting together even outside of Sunday worship and regular Community Group. Families are having dinner together, folks are grabbing lunch with one another during their work day, football games are being watched, hamburgers being grilled, kids are getting to know one another and other adults within our community.

Pastoral care is even happening within the larger congregation! From meals, to hospital visits, to prayer, all of this is happening even apart from me as the pastor doing it. You guys are serving one another as a priesthood of believers! People have been jumping in and serving in all sorts of different ways, from worship, to carrying chairs and sound equipment, to setting up for communion, to greeting and praying and teaching kids and holding babies (which just seem to keep on coming. Like, good grief ya’ll!).

And then on top of everything else, there has been the book of Ruth. Just, wow…


I know for me, Ruth has been fresh water to my soul. Each of the past three weeks, my heart has been so filled with awe and wonder at the kindness and grace of God, the beauty of this gospel narrative, that I have been tempted to move our worship gathering to Friday just so we could get to it quicker! If you guys are getting half as much from the delivery as I am getting out of the preparation, then revival is certainly near.

My prayer is that God would graciously grant that this increasing beauty and wonder would become the norm, that we would continually be able to minister out of overflow. I pray that this gospel message of God’s grace shown to undeserving outsiders would impact us as Christ’s church to such a degree that we would not only cherish it in our own hearts, that we would not only celebrate it in our worship times together, but that this message of grace and glory would also lead us out on mission, into our homes, into our workplace, into our neighborhoods, to our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and even to the ends of the earth. I pray that we would be so overwhelmed by the glory of it all that we could not help but to share with those around us this epic narrative of redemption which our great Author and Narrator is so beautifully laying out before us.

Grace, upon grace, upon grace, leading us to experience glory, and to live together on mission.

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