Member Spotlight: The Suttles


MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Jesse & Becky Suttle

A couple of years ago Jesse and I were having regular conversations about how we wanted to worship together as a family IN our neighborhood. Previously we had been driving across town to go to church, which meant we basically lived in two separate communities, church and neighborhood. We knew something was missing that we were meant to experience.

One of our desires was to find a church home which reflected the diversity we see both in our family and in Scripture. We also longed for an authentic worship style (with a musician husband, this was high on the list) and had a deep desire for a life-giving church family. We prayed over this for some time, and when BPCC found us through Facebook, word-of-mouth, and mutual friends we knew pretty quickly that this was the place for our family.

Bluff Park Community Church really encourages community and missional living. Through the Community Groups that we have been a part of over the past two years, we have been blessed to experience all of the things that we were seeking and more. We have formed bonds with our neighbors that have enriched our lives as husband and wife and as parents, and have enriched the lives of our children as well. Christian brothers and sisters have poured love and life into our family for no other reason than our common love for God and our common desire to love others well. We have experienced pain, love, longing, tears, happiness, and struggle (a.k.a “life”) with these people and we have been given the opportunity to pray and be prayed for. Our church family is committed to seeking a diverse congregation and this is a quality of the church that our family highly values. Most of all, God’s love has been displayed for our family in a way that inspires us to love our neighbors well and with intention.

We are so thankful for BPCC, and for the people we have come to know and love as our own family.

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