MISSION HIGHLIGHT: City Church in Lima, Peru

God has called us to play a role in His grand plan of redemption across the globe. Because of this conviction, the elders at Bluff Park Community Church joyfully direct a minimum of 10% of our general fund budget every year to church planting efforts around the globe. In the coming months, we will be highlighting each of the areas these funds are being directed to.

(You can catch past highlights by clicking here.)

We would like to do this for three reasons:

  1. We want to celebrate what the Lord is doing among us and through us in the world.
  2. We want to clearly communicate with our people where ministry funds are being directed.
  3. We want to be faithful in prayer for these ministries so that our support of these missionary efforts go beyond mere financial support.

This month’s “Mission Highlight” invites you to get to know Marshall and Rebecca Kitron. God has called the Kitrons to serve in Lima, Peru through South America Missions (SAM) Lima Initiative at City Church, or Iglesia de la Ciudad.

Kitron Family

Tell us a little about yourselves and your family. We are Marshall and Rebecca Kitron. We both served as singles in Peru at different times prior to getting married in November 2010. We have two children, Simon (3.5) and Alaina (1.5). We enjoy hosting people, watching movies, playing games, running, and swimming.

How did you end up planting a church in Lima? Our church planting journey is actually just beginning. Though we have been a part of a church planting team, Marshall’s main role has been of a discipleship process of a church that was planted in 2005 from (late 2008 to 2015). South America Mission has recently focused their efforts more on church planting. As part of that effort, we have been invited to join an urban church planting team in Lima, Peru. We arrived back on the field just about a month ago and are still getting settled.

What is your church’s mission/vision statement? Here is how brand-new this initiative is, we don’t actually have one written up yet! Currently we are in the “gathering phase”, meeting in homes with a core group. We do not have an official launch date as of yet. The key aspect of the church plant is to be able to engage society and have an impact culturally, socially, and spiritually. Our church plant is using the Tim Keller curriculum called “Center Church.”

Iglesia de la Ciudad, Lima, Peru

What are a few of the ways you are seeking to pursue the mission / vision of establishing a gospel-centered church in your city? While we personally are very new to the area and efforts, what we strive to achieve is to be socially and culturally relevant in this city of ten million people. The key goal is to build relationships and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading in those relationships.

Ministering to chidren in Lima.

Tell us a recent story of how God’s grace is making an impact in your current context. We had many unexpected expenses in moving in, putting down money on a new apartment, appliances, furniture, and with a recent miscarriage some unexpected medical costs upon arrival to Peru. It is very common that landlords require 3 months of rent up front (2 months of a security deposit, and the 1st month’s rent). Our landlord is a believer, knows our team leader, and only charged us 2 of the 3 months. We’re so grateful for that during this very financially tight time!

How can Bluff Park Community Church be praying for you, your family and your ministry? As we are just getting started, there are many firsts for us as we adjust to life in Lima and we can use your prayers particularly in these areas:

  • Pray for this adjustment (for all four of us).
  • Pray for refreshment (as we are very tired from a very full four months in the US and moving into a new place).
  • Pray for God ordained relationships.
  • Pray that God would use our family and our team to make an impact for the kingdom on those He brings into our lives.

If you would like to financially support our efforts to plant gospel-centered churches in our city, our state, our region and the world, please consider giving towards this goal. You may give online by simply clicking here.

Learn more about Marshall and Becca

Before Marshall and Becca Kitron ever met, God placed a deeply rooted love for the people of Peru in their hearts. After graduating from the University of Florida in 2000, Marshall spent several years in Peru as a missionary before eventually joining South America Mission in 2007. Becca went on a short-term mission trip to Peru in 2003 after graduating with a nursing degree, and soon thereafter decided to return for a longer term. Marshall and Becca’s paths never crossed during those years, but eventually they found a connecting point—both (at different times) had studied under the same language school instructor who prodded them separately and individually to reach out to one another. Marshall eventually contacted Becca to introduce himself; they were married 11 months later and have been serving with SAM in Peru ever since.

Marshall and Becca are both very passionate about teaching, encouraging, and equipping others to walk with Christ. As they intentionally invest in the people around them, they love to watch God transform lives by the power of the Gospel. Their desire, and SAM’s desire, is to see the local church strengthened through discipleship and leadership development so that entire communities come to embody the Kingdom of God.






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