MISSION HIGHLIGHT: Trace & Ginger Donahoo – Hartselle, AL

God has called Bluff Park Community Church to play a role in His grand plan of redemption across the globe. Because of this conviction, our church joyfully directs a minimum of 10% of our general fund budget every year to church planting efforts around the globe. Over the past several months, we have been highlighting each of the areas these funds are being directed to.  We have done this for three reasons: 

  1. We want to celebrate what the Lord is doing among us and through us in the world. 
  2. We want to clearly communicate with our people where ministry funds are being directed.
  3. We want to be faithful in prayer for these ministries so that our support of these missionary efforts go beyond mere financial support.

We invite you to get to know Trace and Ginger Donahoo and the work God has called them to in Hartselle, AL.

Trace & Ginger Donahoo

Tell us a little about yourselves and your family.  Trace and Ginger have been married since 1999 and have 3 children.  Cullen is 14, a freshman at Hartselle High and is on the football team.  Ansley is 11, in the 6th grade at Hartselle Intermediate and plays the trumpet in the band.  Rowan is 4, in PreK and loves sports, trucks and dinosaurs.

How did you end up planting a church in Hartselle Alabama?  We are planting a church in Hartselle, AL.  There is no reformed presence in the area around Hartselle.  There was a small bible study that met in a tattoo shop when we moved here, and now we have a second community group that meets in our home on Thursday evenings.

What is your mission and vision moving forward?

Mission: Sharing the Good News of Christ in order to make disciples who make disciples.

Vision:  To be followers of Christ that see the City of Southern Hospitality become the City of Christian Hospitality

What are a few of the ways you are seeking to pursue the mission / vision of establishing a gospel-centered church in your city?  We opened a coffee shop in downtown Hartselle.  It has been a great way to meet people & have a presence in our community. It not only provides a place to meet for worship, but during the week it gives opportunity to meet and invite new people to church, share the Gospel, have meetings and discipleship.

We are having worship at our shop on Sunday evenings.  In the few weeks we have been open, we have seen at least 15 people come to worship that we have invited in the coffee shop!

Worship in a Coffee Shop, Hartselle, AL

Worship in a Coffee Shop, Hartselle, AL

The Lord has also given us opportunity to build relationships with members of the local government and fellow business owners.  We were asked to host the monthly Downtown Merchants meeting.

Tell us a recent story of how God’s grace is making an impact in your current context. The Rogers are a young family we met in the coffee shop, because they are regulars.  He is in web design and after several visits of hearing what we are doing, he offered to work on a church website.  We invited his family to church and they have come faithfully, desiring to spend time with our family, eating meals together, involved in missional community, and as of this week, sharing with a coworker and inviting him to worship!  God is faithful to His people!

Another opportunity we would like to share- An older lady came in for coffee and Trace was talking to her while she waited for her order.  They talked about church and she said she grew up in a church.  He shared the Gospel with her and she started crying!  She said she had never heard it communicated that way, that Jesus had been a ransom for us.  That conversation showed us that we are in an over-churched, but under-gospeled place!

How can we pray for you and support your ministry?  Please pray for our family, and for our times together to be rich and Christ-centered.  Please pray for strength and continued passion for people that flows from Christ’s delight in us.  Pray for the Lord to raise up mature believers in our core group.  Pray for our missional communities to grow. Pray for the Gospel to transform Hartselle & North AL.

Thank you so much for your continued love, prayers and support of our family and ministry!  Your church is such a blessing to us!!

If you would like to financially support our efforts to plant gospel-centered churches in our city, our state, our region and the world, please consider giving towards this goal. You may give online by simply clicking here.

You may discover more about our other supported church plants in Fairfield, AL and Lima, Peru by clicking the links.

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