No Room For You?


One of our members showed up late for church this past week. Slacker.

Actually, it was totally legit. He had just put in a full day of work and still cared enough about gathering together with the Lord’s people to willingly roll in late, and totally exhausted. (Give me an army of men with that kind of heart!) But because he was late, he was able to see something important that I and some of the other leadership had missed. Even though we do have a bit more open seating in our sanctuary, the parking lot outside is completely packed!

Now my first thought was, “That’s awesome! I still remember Sundays in our young church’s life when I was excited to see 50 people in worship! So a full parking lot is pretty exciting.” But then a second thought quickly followed. From external appearances, we are potentially (though unintentionally) giving the impression to outsiders that our church has no place for them! Not only is this not true, it is actually the furthest thing from reality we could think of, because Bluff Park Community Church has some of the kindest, gentlest, most welcoming, gospel-saturated people I’ve ever met! So the thought that some of our neighbors would feel they aren’t welcome was disturbing.

So here’s the opportunity we have to love our neighbors and new visitors well. Big sacrifice here. Drumroll….

If you are able, (I’m talking to you singles, families with older kids, and big, strong manly-men willing to drop your family at the front door) would you mind parking in the open lot across the street by Pioneer Playschool? Especially this Sunday with all the visitors joining us for our special worship night! This could easily free up some of those closer spaces for new visitors or those with mobility challenges so that they will see how much we long for them to join in proclaiming Christ together with us.

Thank you for helping us serve Christ and make him known in this way!


Grace and peace,



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