We Do Not Exist for Ourselves Alone

Bluff Park Community Church exists as “a diverse, local family of disciple-making disciples proclaiming the Gospel MESSAGE in Gospel COMMUNITY on Gospel MISSION.” And barely two and a half years into this journey of establishing a new gospel work in Western Hoover, God has been up to some amazing things. We have seen cold hearts come alive to the gospel of Jesus. We have seen men and women living out the implications of the gospel in a particular geography, loving one another and their neighbors well. We have seen marriages redeemed from the edge of destruction. We have seen children, claiming the faith of their parents as their own. It has been glorious, and we pray it continues.

But we do not exist as a church for the benefit of our own worshipping community, or even our own city. God has called us to play a role in His grand plan of redemption across the globe. Because of this conviction, the elders at Bluff Park Community Church joyfully direct a minimum of 10% of our general fund budget every year to church planting efforts around the globe. In 2015 – 2016 those funds add up to almost $30,000.

Did I mention that we aren’t even 3 years old yet? God has truly been up to some amazing things!

If you would like to financially support our efforts to plant gospel-centerd churches in our city, our state, our region and the world, please consider giving towards this goal. You may give online by simply clicking here.


In the coming months, we will be highlighting each of the areas these funds are being directed to.  A brief listing can be found below. We would like to do this for three reasons:

  1. We want to celebrate what the Lord is doing among us and through us in the world.

  2. We want to clearly communicate with our people where ministry funds are being directed.

  3. We want to be faithful in prayer for these ministries. We want our support of these missionary efforts to go beyond mere financial support.

Current Church Planting efforts supported by Bluff Park Community Church

Alton and Sandra Hardy

  • church planting / community renewal in Fairfield, AL
  • Urban Hope Community Church
  • U Hope Success Academy

Trace and Ginger Donahoo

  • Church planting in Hartselle, AL
  • Old Town Coffee Company Hartselle, AL
  • Church planting in England through GO England

Marshall and Becca Kitron

Acts 29 South East

  • Quality assessment of new church planters for the Southeast US
  • Resourcing healthy leaders, who lead healthy churches, who plant other healthy churches
  • Coaching and training of leaders
  • Connecting regional church planters relationally

Acts 29 Catalyst Fund

In addition to supporting Acts 29 operations, staff and events, and resourcing our networks in different parts of the world, the Catalyst Fund serves as the spark for new global initiatives.

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