Our Missionaries

Bluff Park Community Church is a local church that does not exist to build our own platform or to raise our own profile. We exist for the glory and fame of Christ and His kingdom.

Because of this, our elders have committed to direct 10% of our general fund budget each year to the mission of planting new churches and reaching the unreached with the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Highlighted below are some of the missionaries and organizations that we support financially with these funds. If you would like to join with us in supporting these missionaries by supporting the mission of Bluff Park Community Church, you may simply click here.

CAMPUS: Wesley and Monica Skinner CRU @ UAB



LOCAL: Alton and Sandra Hardy Urban Hope Community Church

Alton and Sandra Hardy


STATE: Trace and Ginger Donahoo in Hartselle, AL

Trace & Ginger Donahoo


REGION: Acts 29 Southeast


WORLD: Marshall and Becca Kitron in Lima, Peru

Kitron Family