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Bluff Park Community Church is a “diverse, local family of disciple-making disciples, proclaiming the Gospel MESSAGE, in Gospel COMMUNITY, on Gospel MISSION.” Each word in this identity statement is chosen with purpose and describes a particular aspect of our identity together.


When it comes to family, this description includes both our immediate family (our local church body) as well as our extended family (the broader network of churches to whom we belong). As a church, Bluff Park Community Church is thankful to exist within the broader, extended family of the Acts 29 Church Planting Network.

As a part of this broader network, we experience brotherhood, fellowship and accountability beyond our immediate context. We do this through:

  • 3rd Thursday church planter gathering with other Birmingham area church planters
  • Regular regional gatherings with other like-minded churches for training and fellowship
  • The recruiting and training of future church leaders through internships, residencies and pastor cohorts

Additionally, belonging to this larger family provides us an opportunity to participate in global missions and church planting to a degree far beyond what our young church could otherwise accomplish. We do this through:

  • prayer support
  • financial support of the Acts 29 Southeast Network (1% of our general fund budget)
  • financial support of the Acts 29 Catalyst fund (1% of our general fund budget)
  • financial support of local, state and international missions efforts (10% of our general fund budget)
  • participating in the assessment of future church planters for our region.

To join with us in rejoicing over some of what has been accomplished over this past year through this partnership, we invite you to read through Acts 29’s Annual Report for 2017.

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