Our Stories

Everybody has a story. Some are long and winding tales with epic ups and downs. Others are short and sweet, almost “boring” even. Some are filled with celebration, others with deep pain and suffering. A lot of us have stories that are a mixed bag of both.

All of these stories, every one of them, tells us something about what the Lord is doing among us. He is sovereign, holy, other, exalted high above all else. Yet he is also near, and intimate, and merciful, working amid the twists and turns of our journey in gracious ways which lead us back to Himself.

Every story has a hero. We confess that hero as Jesus. The following videos are just a few brief “snapshots” of what God is doing among us through the finished work of Christ. Click the image below and be encouraged.


Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 3.34.48 PM

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