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Looking around our church family, it is clear that God is blessing in many ways. New faces are continually walking through the door. New opportunities for ministry and mission are continually presenting themselves. And God continues to fund his mission through the tithes and offerings of His people. For this, and so much more, we are incredibly thankful.

Along with this continued growth in our church body, comes a need for additional leadership. We have sought to address this need in two primary ways.

  • First: We developed our Leadership LAB, through which new leaders are being raised up from among our own membership and trained to assist in the leading and caring for Christ’s church. There are currently 18 men and women engaged in this nine month long process.
  • Second: In addition to raising up new leadership from within, we also recognize the need to hire experienced leadership who can assist us in “equipping the saints to do the work of ministry”. Towards this end, our elders have recently approved a new part-time pastoral position. Following are the details of this position.

Job Description: Pastor for Equipping

I. Position Summary

The Pastor for Equipping will…

  • join together with Lead Pastor and elders in “shepherding the shepherds” of Bluff Park Community Church.
  • join together with leadership in equipping the membership of Bluff Park Community Church to serve Christ’s church and our surrounding community with the gospel in both Word and deed.
  • This is a part-time position averaging approximately 20 hours / week
  • Compensation commensurate with experience, via direct deposit (1st and 15th)


II. Position Requirements

The Pastor for Equipping must …

  • display a vital, personal, gospel-saturated relationship with the person of Jesus
  • be ordainable as an elder, displaying the character qualities of an elder highlighted in Scripture (1 Timothy 3; Titus 1)
  • posses an earned degree from accredited undergraduate institution
  • possess or is currently pursuing a theological degree from accredited
    secondary institution (this requirement may be waived in lieu of significant pastoral ministry experience)
  • posses a demonstrated ability to plan, develop, coordinate, manage and implement ministries within the context of a local church
  • possess a proven ability to work graciously and effectively within a diverse team


III. Position Responsibilities:

1) PASTORAL CARE / COUNSELING (3 – 5 hrs / week)

      Candidate will assist elders as needed with Pastoral Care needs by:

  • consulting with elders to improve and solidify BPCC’s Pastoral Care process
  • functioning as primary point person for Pastoral Care cases as needs arise
  • recruiting and training “Care Team Members” so that church has a pool to draw from in future.

2) LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT (3 – 5 hrs / week)

Candidate will assist elders in equipping lay leaders within the congregation for leadership and     multiplication

  • Elder and deacon training
  • Leadership LAB
  • Community Group Leader Training

3) COMMUNITY GROUPS (3 – 5 hrs / week)

Candidate will assist elders in shepherding Community Groups by:

  • leading a Community Group to multiplication
  • helping serve and equip current CG leaders
    • scheduling and team-teaching quarterly Community Group equipping times
  • meeting regularly with CG leaders to discern health and needs of leaders and groups
  • working with current elders to identify and train future CG leaders through regular CG Leader Training times
  • working with elders to develop a roadmap for launching “Parishes”

4) CHURCH PLANTING (3  hrs / week)

Candidate will help move BPCC towards goal of planting a church within next 3 – 5  years by:

  • working with elders to develop pathway for identifying / recruiting and training future church planters
  • attending (together with leadership team) at least one Acts 29 event annually (either a Southeast regional, National Gathering, etc)
  • Participate in “3rd Thursday” Birmingham area church planting meetings as available
  • Build relationships with other like-minded churches in Birmingham area for purpose of investigating planting partnerships

5) GENERAL ADMIN (1 – 3 hrs / week)



  • Compensation commensurate with experience, via direct deposit (1st and 15th)


The desire of Bluff Park Community Church with any addition to our ministry team is to assess potential candidates in 4 primary areas:

Character – Does this candidate have the right character qualifications to serve Christ’s church as a shepherd. In the case of a pastor / elder, do they meet the minimum requirements for an elder laid out in Scripture (1 Timothy 3; Titus 1)

Competence – Does this candidate meet expected competency levels in our current areas of specific need?

Commitment – Does this candidate have a demonstrated commitment to Christ? (Are they a growing believer?) Has this candidate taken opportunities to display their commitment to Christ and his bride within a local church body? If already a part of our church community, are they members? Are they already serving within our church?

Chemistry – We are looking for overlap in the 3 primary areas of …

  • THEOLOGY – Does candidate agree with our belief statement, and with the Confessional Statements of The Gospel Coalition and Acts 29? What are their major areas of exception to the Westminster Confession of Faith / 1689 London Baptist Confession?
  • PHILOSOPHY OF MINISTRY – Does candidate agree with the philosophy of ministry at Bluff Park Community Church? Do they agree with our 5 Core Values?
  • PERSONALITY – Does candidate have a personality and demeanor that will “fit” with our current elders and leadership?



Interested applicants should submit resume to

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