A Roadmap for Disciple-making in Community

At Bluff Park Community Church we say we want to be “a diverse, local family of disciple-making disciples, proclaiming the Gospel MESSAGE, in Gospel COMMUNITY, on Gospel MISSION.”  That looks really good on a support raising brochure. It “sells” well to the “in-crowd”. But when it comes time for the rubber to actually come into contact with the road, how does being “disciple-making disciples” actually work itself out within our local faith community?

In regards to discipleship, we affirm three things:

1) All believers are themselves called to be disciples.

None of us, from the person in the pew to the pastor in the pulpit has “arrived”. We are all called to an ongoing, consistently deepening relationship with Christ.

2) All believers are also called to engage in the making of disciples.

The making of disciples is not a task reserved for “professional” Christians. It is the calling of every follower of Jesus.

3) We are all called to make disciples of Jesus (not necessarily of ourselves).

The end goal of disciple-making is not for us to look more like one another, but for us to look more like Jesus.

But here’s the problem, none of us individually can reflect the totality of who Jesus is. So how do we as individual believers make disciples of Jesus? We believe that discipleship best occurs, not simply in a “one on one” setting where a single, professional believer pours their knowledge into a couple of novices. Rather, we believe that discipleship best occurs in community with other Christians.

The following illustration lays out some of the environments and rhythms of life at BPCC by which we seek to make disciples of Jesus in community with one another.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 9.52.56 AM

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