What About Kids?

Bluff Park Community Church loves kids and has something for all ages. After all, our pastor has 4 kids of his own and served in the classroom setting as an elementary school teacher for 7 years, so caring well for and discipling our kids is kind of a big deal!

Nursery – 5K

For nursery thru 5K, we provide age appropriate classes during our worship service (5:00-6:15 on Sunday evenings). These classes are staffed by caring adult members of our congregation and assisted by a few of our teen helpers. Kids will play, receive a snack, sing a few songs and be led through a brief, age appropriate lesson from the Bible.

1st grade and up

For children 1st – 5th grade, we value their presence and participation in the body of Christ as well. Actually, we value them so much that we desire for them to participate in the majority of our corporate worship service along with the rest of the congregation. Therefore, if you have school-aged children, we ask that they accompany you into worship with the rest of the congregation. About midway through our service, these children will be dismissed to their own teaching time for the remainder of worship.

Each week we are making use of The Gospel Project for Kids, which is “a Christ-centered Bible study resource that follows a chronological timeline of Bible events—presenting the story of redemption through Jesus like kids have never seen it before! ”

Gospel Project

6th – 12th grade

Our middle and high school students remain with the adults throughout the worship service. We firmly believe that our students learn how to be fully engaged members of a worshipping community by watching the adults around them actually being fully engaged members of a worshipping community.

We also believe that it is appropriate for these students to have a time of community and teaching that is unique to them. Therefore, we have a Community Group specifically for our Jr. High and High School students which meets on Wednesday evenings @ 5:30. During this time we come together, play a few games, share a meal, and study the Word of God through The Gospel Project’s study for students.

Gospel Project for Students