What Kind of Church?


What kind of church is Bluff Park Community Church?

In answer to this question, I have often referred to our church using the following four adjectives: “Christian“, “Evangelical“, “Reformed” and “Missional“. However, as Inigo Montoya so astutely points out in the deep theological volume that is “The Princess Bride” – ahem – sometimes the meaning to particular words are not all that clear.

So the true answer to the question of “What kind of church are we?” is not necessarily the words we use to describe ourselves, but the intended meaning behind those words. To this end, in the coming weeks we will be looking at each of these descriptors individually. We will be doing this so that we can arrive at a truer definition of what we intend when we use these words to describe ourselves.

As with most things that come out of my mouth (or key pad in this case), very few of the thoughts and ideas that are being shared are original to me. Actually I take great comfort from this fact. I mean, think about it. If you are in a church that has an established, two thousand year tradition and your church leadership is offering “original thoughts”, you just may (possibly, perhaps) want to re-think your affiliation.

So with that disclaimer, we will begin next week by looking at what we intend to communicate when we say that Bluff Park Community Church is a “Christian” church.

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