Women’s 1/2 Day Retreat THIS SATURDAY 9:00-2:00!!

Hello ladies! I hope your week is going well (unless, of course you have spent your week pursuing idols. Then in that case, with tenderness and care, I pray that you are really frustrated, frustrated enough to turn back to the Father as your only hope. And I would ask that you pray the same for me as well!) 

Honestly, we all need constant reminders that the gospel is true, that it is for us, and that Jesus is better! He is the better boss, the better husband, the better fulfillment, the better security, the better…. fill in the blank. It is with this desperate need for daily and hourly reminders of this gospel truth that we have set aside this Saturday from 9:00 – 2:00 for our Women’s 1/2 Day Retreat.

If you are planning on joining us for this time, that’s awesome. I feel that the time spent together with Trillia and with one another will really be an encouragement.

Trillia Newbell

If you are on the fence, thinking through your busy schedule, all the tasks and responsibilities that you can only get done on Saturday, but still kind of thinking you would like to come, let me encourage you to go ahead and invest this time with us. Grocery stores and laundry piles will still be there after 2:00 (and unfortunately for years after that as well!) Who knows, maybe a handful of ladies can make their grocery run after the conference is over together. Think of that, a gospel debrief in the produce aisle at WalMart!

There is still time to sign up! There is still time to ask a neighbor to come with you! However, for the sake of food prep, I would ask that you go ahead and let us know you are coming as soon as possible. Feel free to shoot an email to either Anna Yother  or Kathy Sentell for details and registration.

We hope to see you on Saturday!

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